2017 September Lodge Executive Committee & Operating Committee Meeting
2017 September Lodge Executive Committee & Operating Committee Meeting

2017 September Lodge Executive Committee & Operating Committee Meeting
1158 Snake River Rd
Palisades, ID 83428, US
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LOCATION:  Camp Little Lemhi

DATE:  September 16






    The executive committee of the lodgea key groupconsists of the youths serving as lodge officers (including the past lodge chief), lodge operating committee chairmen and their advisers, the staff adviser, the lodge adviser, and the Scout executive. If the lodge membership feels that this group is not representative, a lodge may select two or three members at large— American Indian lore or public relations experts, for instanceto serve on the committee. If there are chapters in the lodge, the chapter chiefs and chapter advisers are members of the lodge executive committee. Any lodge member is welcome to attend executive committee meetings as an observer. 

    The executive committee is the steering committee of the lodge. It faces the problems, studies possible solutions, and then, through the lodge or chapter committee organization, acts. It carries on the business of the lodge, coordinating the work being done by officers and operating committees. Regardless of any executive committee decision or undertaking, the lodge must operate within the policies established by the national Order of the Arrow committee. The lodge chief is chairman and presides over meetings. He is expected to prepare agendas and share them with the lodge and staff adviser before sending them to committee members with the meeting announcement. A definite schedule for executive committee meetings should be established before the start of the lodge year. Meetings held monthly or every two months are the customary pattern. Each committee member should have a schedule of the meetings. It is understood that the lodge chief or Scout executive is privileged to call a special meeting of the committee if the need arises.

  2. The executive committee is a relatively small group and thus is able to handle the business of the lodge in a quick and efficient manner. The entire membership of the lodge should, however, hear a report of all major decisions and projects being planned. 

  3. Members of the executive committee who are staff members at Boy Scout resident camp may serve on the Order of the Arrow camp council to handle the Order’s business during camp. When not in camp, the lodge chief appoints an Arrowman to serve as camp chief. 


  5. For the lodge to achieve its camping promotion and cheerful service objectives, a number of operating committees must be organized to implement its programs. 

  6. Committee chairmen are appointed by the lodge chief with the approval of the lodge adviser. They become members of the executive committee and may pick their own committee members subject to the approval of the lodge chief. 

  7. Each operating committee should have one or more adult committee advisers to guide committee work. They are appointed by the lodge adviser in consultation with the lodge chief and are approved by the Scout executive or staff adviser. It is the adviser’s job to provide information, instruction, and coaching for the committee members. 

  8. Every Arrowman should serve on one or more committees. In this way, all members share responsibility for lodge activities and projects. Lodge officers should not be burdened with all the details of committee meetings and related projects.

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