Summer Powder Horn Operates as part of the Tall Timber Family Camp at Island Park

For more information on Powder Horn contact Richard Turpin [email protected] or 208-390-1264

What is Powder Horn?

Simply, it's an Outdoor High Adventure Skills & Resources Course.

Learn More about Powder Horn

If you want to get out and pick up some new outdoor high adventure skills & ideas or if you'd like to refresh some of your outdoor skills through hands-on outdoor activities, this is a training course you've got to attend. 

Powder Horn is a coed outdoor high adventure skills and resources training course for ALL adult Boy Scout and Venturing leaders, and any other Scout leader.    

Co-Ed Youth 14 - 20 are invited to come to Powder Horn.

If you had a great experience at Wood Badge, you'll definitely want to attend this ultimate outdoor skills and resources training.  If you haven't yet attended Wood Badge, come to this course and get immediate ideas and basic knowledge for outdoor high adventure activities to use in your annual activity program.  This course is not like any other supplemental or advanced training program you've ever attended. Its purpose is to give basic hands-on experiences to adult Scout leaders in outdoor, high adventure activities, to connect them to resources that enable those activities, and to get adult Scout Leaders inspired about delivering outdoor high adventure skills and resources in an exciting and challenging way to youth. 

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