Registration Begins
11/2/2020 8:00 AM
Last Day To Register
12/19/2020 9:00 PM
Age Requirement
Birthdate must be between 1/10/2003 and 7/9/2010
3190 South Yellowstone Highway
Idaho Falls, ID 83402, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

PowWow Purpose

The merit badge program is one of Boy Scouting’s basic character-developing tools. Earning merit badges gives a boy the confidence that comes from learning and developing skills to achieve a goal - while working through adult mentors. At the Council PowWow, our purpose is to facilitate group instruction with approved merit badge counselors who will work with the Scouts during the PowWow sessions. However, this group experience should be accompanied by parent and local unit attention to each Scout’s projects and his ability to fulfill all merit badge requirements. Attending group instruction does not, by itself, qualify a Scout for any merit badge—he must complete all merit badge requirements!

Merit Badge Instruction

Merit badge instruction is available to a Scout for up to four merit different badges of his choice (with some exceptions). 

Before You Register a Scout

Please review the requirements for each merit badge before registering your Scout. Some of the requirements will be completed at the PowWow, but Scouts will need to work on a majority of the requirements at home, either before the program or as homework between sessions. Please take the time to go over the merit badge worksheets with your Scout BEFORE the PowWow so he will be prepared. A significant amount of class time will be used by the merit badge counselors to review and pass off the requirements that have been completed outside of class. There is no guarantee that a Scout will complete all requirements for a merit badge during the PowWow. If he does not, additional follow-up with your local merit badge counselor will be required.

Materials Needed

Each Scout will need to obtain and bring the following to the PowWow (these are NOT supplied at the PowWow):

  1. A Merit Badge Application Card (Blue Card) for each merit badge the Scout is pursuing (available at the Grand Teton Council Office, or possibly from your Scoutmaster). The Scoutmaster should sign these cards in advance of the PowWow.
  2. A Merit Badge Worksheet (see right) for each merit badge the Scout is pursuing. Please print and use the merit badge worksheets from the Council PowWow site ONLY. If others are used, we cannot guarantee the requirements will be covered by the instructor during the PowWow.
  3. A cheap Pen and clipboard or other flat item to write on. Tables will not be available. 

Merit Badge Application Cards

In keeping with the BSA Grand Teton Council policy, merit badges may only be issued to those who use an official BSA Merit Badge Application Card.

PowWow Merit Badge Worksheets will not be accepted at the Council Office in place of the official Merit Badge Application Card. Each Scout will be responsible to obtain his own cards and have them signed by his Scoutmaster before the PowWow begins. Merit badge cards will be signed by PowWow merit badge counselors only if all merit badge requirements are completed. Scouts who do not complete all the requirements should take their partially completed Merit Badge Worksheets to their local Merit Badge Counselors or leaders for completion, review, and signature.

Council Merit Badge Pow Wow

                  Class Schedule

7:30 am                Arrival

7:45 am                Flag and Opening

8:00 am                First Class

9:00 am                Second class

10:00 am             Snack Time [eaten in last class location]

10:15 am             Third class

11:15 am             Fourth Class

12:15 am             Clean-up [Clean chair and stack on holders/clean table and stack]

12:30 pm             Closing flag

12:45 pm             Scout Pickup 

Emails for will be sent to the person who signed you up with information. This email should be parents email, second email should be Scoutmaster


Click the Merit Badge to download the worksheet that you MUST bring with you along with a blue card.

Worksheet Instructions

  • Print the Merit Badge Worksheet for each class in which you enroll.
  • Read the requirements listed on each worksheet. Some requirements need to be completed BEFORE the first day of PowWow, so we strongly recommend reviewing the worksheet at least two weeks before the program begins.
  • Bring your worksheets to the PowWow classes—they will NOT be provided by the PowWow.
  • Save your worksheets in case you need to complete any requirements after the program, or in case you misplace your merit badge card.


Eagle Required                                      Format

  • Citizenship in the Community     Word    
  • Citizenship in the Nation             Word    
  • Citizenship in the World              Word    
  • Communications                         Word    
  • Camping                                     Word
  • Emergency Preparedness          Word    
  • First Aid                                      Word
  • Family Life                                  Word
  • Personal Management               Word  
  • Personal Fitness                        Word
  • Sustainability                              Word


  • Art                                          Word
  • Astronomy                             Word   
  • Aviation                                 Word
  • Chemistry                              Word
  • Coin Collecting                      Word
  • Dog Care                               Word
  • Geology                                 Word
  • Geocaching                           Word
  • Leatherwork                          Word
  • Medicine                                Word
  • Moviemaking                         Word
  • Nuclear Science                    Word
  • Railroading                            Word
  • Orienteering                          Word
  • Space Exploration​                 Word
  • Weather                                 Word
  • Chemistry                               Word
  • Dog Care                               Word

* Most merit badges have at least one requirement that must be completed before the Council PowWow. Please view the worksheet beforehand to see which requirements will likely need extra time to complete. Scouts will need to work on a majority of the requirements at home, either before the program or as homework between sessions. Each Scout needs to complete all requirements and show them to the Counselor to pass off the badge.


 Click Here to Download the Printable Flyer 


Early Registration is $25 (plus a 3% transaction fee online) if paid by Nov 18, or $35 before Nov 24. If you wish to avoid the transaction fee OR want to pay with cash, check, or with funds in your unit account BEFORE The event, you will need to go into a Service Center or call in over the phone to register and pay. 

Note: If you miss the first day, you cannot register or attend the second or third session! The session you sign up for on day 1 will repeated on day 2 and 3.

Bring your PAID REGISTRATION FORM for Admittance 

The Scout, the Scout's Parent's, or Scout's Leader can register the Scout. Scouts must be 11 at the time of the PowWow and no older than 18.

Note: Registration Deadline is November 18th. Late Registration until Nov. 24th, 2020

During the registration process, a Scout may register for up to four DIFFERENT merit badges. At registration, you will take a survey listing the first 6 classes you want in order. You will be assigned classes as available. Some additional class sessions may be added as necessary.

A confirmation receipt will be sent to those who register. This your entry ticket so bring it with youYou will receive an email by  December 2nd with the classes you will take. If you do not receive a confirmation email please call the scout office to update your email or finish the registration process. Please have your Scout bring this schedule with him each day of the PowWow.

The PowWow has limited enrollment. The registration fee is the same even if he registers for only one class. No registrations, refund requests, or class changes can be accepted after January 7th, 2021

Cancellation and Refunds: You may cancel your registration up to 01/18/2021 and can get a full refund.



PowWow takes place on three Saturday mornings, Jan 9th, 23rd, and Feb 27th, 2021.To volunteer, email Sylvia Sing, [email protected] or call 208-680-5719. or Steve Earl, [email protected] or call 208-542-2585.

You will be required to:


Contact E-mail
$25.00 per Participant
Late fee
After 11/18/2020 a fee of $10.00 will apply.
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation and Refunds: You may cancel your registration up to 01/07/2021 and can get a full refund.










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