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Jamboree 2017 Promo: Why you Gotta Go!!

2017 National Jamboree Promotional Video

2013 National Jamboree Video

Step 1: Register on the 2017 National Jamboree site - Then Return to this Screen to Finish

(Note: Girls who are NOT 14 or have graduated the 8th grade at this time will not be able to register here. They will have to register to pay below and then register with National after their 14th birthday)

You will step up an account with the NATIONAL JAMBOREE through this site page. It will not be the same account that you will use for payments with the Council on Step 2

Step 2: Chose your Grand Teton Council and Snake River Council Group (Contingent) and make your payments 

The Council is offering three different groups, one troop which will attend the Jamboree and tour National historical sites and monuments in Washington DC, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas, and two groups (one troop and one Venturing crew) which will attend the Jamboree and then tour National sites in Washington DC and LDS historical sites in upstate New York and Kirtland, Ohio.


Still more Questions? 

You're invited to the Jamboree party Wednesday August 24 at the IF office 7:00pm.

All persons interested are invited. Please RSVP by Monday the 22. Games, food, fun to 


(Note, Participants can get a discount promo code to purchase patches as participant prices)

Download Flyer for Promotions

American Heritage Tour Troop led by Brian Harris (for boys ONLY age 12-17 for the duration of the Jamboree)

LDS Heritage Tour Troop led by DeLynn Simmons (for boys ONLY age 12-17 for the duration of the Jamboree)

LDS Heritage Tour Venturing Crew led by Alma Stumpp (coed for youth who have finished the 8th grade before the Jamboree begins up to age 20)

You will setup through this area a profile account with GRAND TETON COUNCIL to pick your contingent and to make payments. If you already have a profile with the council (you may have used it to sign up for other council events such as summer camp) please use that account. Do not set up another one. This account username and password will not work with the NATIONAL JAMBOREE site.










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