What is University of Scouting?

The University of Scouting is an annual training event for Cub Scout, Scouts, BSA, & Crew leaders. This one-day training conference is for leaders from the entire council and takes place in a festive atmosphere. Classes are taught by experienced volunteers who share not just their knowledge. but their passion about their subject.
The University of Scouting is a one-day "convention." Each leader/parent no matter what position is invited to this learning extravaganza. Often, a leader can chose up to 5 sessions. Some classes may take two sessions, and others are all day. 
Sessions cover many topics of scouting, includings Cub, Games, Scouts, Crews, Ceremonies and more. It's a time for experienced, new, and prospective leaders to share ideas and see what other troops, crews, and packs are doing. niversity of Scouting has something for everyone -- and a wonderful day well spent. Plan now to attend and bring your friends! See you there!

Who can go?

Any Scouting leader or parent should feel free to select any classes that you might be interested in attending.  For example a Cub Scout Leader might be interest in taking a class on Scoutbook, which is listed under All Programs.

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