Share Your Story



  1. Take a Video with your Smart Phone
  2. Send it to us at: [email protected]
  3. Once approved it will posted on the Council's Youtube page
  4. Make you you subscribe to our channel to see the video and all other videos posted
  1. Like our Facebook Page
  2. Share your pictures or video to the page
  3. Don't foget to comment on your adventure!

You do the same thing with Twitter (@gtcbsa) or with Instagram (@grandtetoncouncil)

Other ways to share your content is to use Council-approved hashtags (#) to most social media platforms.

  • #tetonscouts
  • #treasuremountainbsa
  • #islandparkbsa
  • #littlelemhibsa
  • #scouthollowbsa
  • #srhab (Salmon River)
  • #portneufspringsbsa
  • #cedarbadge
  • #shunkahmahneetu











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