After Youth Protection and Basic Training, leaders should consult the Guide to Safe Scouting to find out what kinds of activities are permited in the BSA as well as those that are prohibited, as well as certain kinds of speciality training needed for specific types of activities. This page is a resource for those kinds of trainings, some of which are conducted here in Grand Teton Council.

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Safe Swim Defense - REQUIRED for all Swimming Activities every two years

Safe Swim Defense standards apply at backyard, hotel, apartment, and public pools; at established waterfront swim areas such as beaches at state parks and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lakes; and at all temporary swimming areas such as a lake, river, or ocean.

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Safety Afloat - Required for all Boating Activities every two years

Safety Afloat standards apply to the use of canoes, kayaks, rowboats, rafts, floating tubes, sailboats, motorboats (including waterskiing), and other small craft, but do not apply to transportation on large commercial vessels such as ferries and cruise ships.

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Weather Hazards Training - Required for ALL Outdoor Activities

This new training is to help unit leaders prepare for all types of weather hazards encountered with an event in the outdoors. This includes but is not limited to lightening, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, heat, and snow.

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Climbing/COPE Certification Training - REQUIRED for all climbing/COPE activities

These council-provided courses are designed to certify or renew certification as BSA qualified Climbing/COPE Instructors who are able to deliver safe and exciting BSA-sponsored climbing. COPE, and rappeling activities.

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CPR First Aid/AED Training - OPTIONAL training for many activities

This training is designed to teach the skills needed for lay responders (Scouts and Scout Leaders) to overcome any reluctance to act in emergency situations and to recognize and care for life-threatening respiratory or cardiac emergencies in adults. This course combines a classroom lecture and skills practice to teach basic adult CPR/AED to course participants.

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Wilderness/Remote First Aid - REQUIRED for High Adventure Activities 30 minutes or more from EMS Services

Learn Skills That Could Save A Life!  This training is ideal for Scouts (14 years and up) and Scout Leaders who frequent the back country and are an hour or more from EMS response.  Our new 16-hour Wilderness and Remote first Aid course gives you the skills and confidence you need to respond to an emergency when help may be delayed.

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NRA Instructor and Range Safety Officer Training - REQUIRED for all Shooting Activities

NRA Training involves instructing people on how to 1) Run a safe range and become a Range Safety Officer (RSO) and 2) Instruct individuals on how to teach firearm safety and use for different types of firearms: rifle, shotgun, black powder, and pistol.

Any shooting activity should have two such indivicuals (RSO, and Instruction specialist)

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