"Inspiring Individual Potential Toward Greatness"

 An Introduction for Scouts, Parents, and Leaders

What is Cedar Badge?

Cedar Badge combines BSA's premier National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) Program with the Venturing Kodiak Experience! Sponsored by the Grand Teton Council, Cedar Badge provides an active, hands on environment for teaching youth cutting edge leadership, team work, and decision making skills.  Cedar Badge is simply the best leadership training available anywhere in the nation and at any cost! Some of the leadership and decision making skills taught include: 

  • Communicating Well
  • Finding Your Vision
  • Setting Your Goals
  • We Are Gentlemen
  • Preparing Your Plans
  • Developing Your Team
  • Solving Problems
  • The Leading EDGE
  • The Teaching EDGE
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Making Ethical Decisions
  • Leading Yourself
  • Valuing People

In addition to the leadership skills they will learn participants in the Boy Scout Cedar Badge program can complete requirements towards twenty two different merit badges.

Cedar Badge Programs exist for each Scouting age group:

  • Boy Scout NYLT--12 to 13 year old boys
  • Bear Claw Boy Scout NYLT--14 to 17 year old boys (NYLT with High Adventure activities included)
  • Bear Claw Venturing NYLT - 14-20 year old boys and girls (NYLT with High Adventure activities included utilizing the Venturing methods)
  • Kodiak Experience--14 to 20 year old boys and girls - see more about Kodiak

Each Cedar Badge participant receives a Cedar Badge participant guidebook and neckerchief.  Upon satisfactory completion of the course, each participant is awarded the coveted Cedar Badge patch. 

Boy Scout NYLT Program

The Boy Scout Cedar Badge program uses the Patrol Method in a Scout Camp setting to teach leadership skills and help scouts become effective youth leaders within the Boy Scout program. 

Additionally, Participants are taught and use traditional Scoutcraft skills in various interpatrol activities and competitions.  Capped off with an outpost hike and the popular "WizBang" games.  BSCB offers everything a scout needs to become an effective leader. 

Bear Claw NYLT Program

Bear Claw is a NEW program for Cedar Badge, replacing Varsity Scouting, while paying respects to the old Tendoy Council's Bear Claw NYLT program. Bear Claw offers two different unique experiences, an all boy Boy Scout unit that utilizes the Boy Scout methods, and a co-ed Venturing unit that emphasizes Venturing methods. Both courses are NYLT programs. However, these NYLT courses also include several elements of High Adventure to sweeten the experience! Such activities include:

  • Overnight Outpost Camp
  • Rappelling
  • Geocaching
  • Rendezvous and Varsity Games
  • Nightly Campfire Programs

Venturing Cedar Badge Program

Building on the Boy Scout CB and Varsity CB programs, Venturing CB/Kodiak is the pinnacle of the Cedar Badge experience! During the Kodiak Trek, Venturing Crews, both male only and co-ed crews, learn to incorporate highly developed leadership abilities with advanced communication skills in team building activities, all while hiking the trails and floating the rivers of Idaho's beautiful mountain wilderness. 

Who plans and conducts Cedar Badge?

The Cedar Badge Board of Directors, comprised of 24 young men and young women, lead and directs, the program.  The balance of the Cedar Badge staff is selected and trained by the Board of Directors.  Scouts who have attended and successfully completed the Cedar Badge program can apply to be on staff.  The Cedar Badge program is overseen by a staff of carefully selected and trained adult leaders. 

How do Home Units benefit from having Scouts attend Cedar Badge?

Benefits for your home unit realized by having Scouts attend Cedar Badge include:

  • Scouts have a positive Scouting experience with 350 to 500 other Scouts.
  • Scouts return to their home units more excited and knowledgeable about Scouting.
  • Scouts learn leadership skills that can be applied in home units.
  • Scouts learn to work with others including people they have never met before, to accomplish tasks and activities. 
  • Scouts can obtain and realize the value of wearing scout uniforms.

How do Scout Leaders benefit from having Scouts attend Cedar Badge?

Benefits the unit leader recognizes from having scouts attend Cedar Badge include:

  • Scouts are trained in leadership skills and proper unit operations; thus they make ideal junior leaders for your unit.  (Ideal units have Cedar Badge trained youth and Wood Badge trained adult leaders.)
  • Scouts set goals while at Cedar Badge that must be completed at home and in their home units.  Many of these goals are actions that will improve the attitude and skills of your home units. 

When and Where does Cedar Badge happen?

Cedar Badge is held at Treasure Mountain Scout Camp at the base of the Grand Teton Mountains, during late June of each year.  In August, a third course is held at Island Park Scout Camp as part of Tall Timber. It starts on Monday morning and completes with graduation mid-day on Saturday.  Parents and others are not invited to visit during the course, but are encouraged to attend the graduation (times vary so check with your course).

Scouts must remain in camp during the entire course, from start to finish, to complete the course. Adult leaders or parents need to provide transportation to and from Cedar Badge. 

How do Scouts Qualify to attend Cedar Badge?

To attend Cedar Badge, a Scout must:

  1. Be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America
  2. Be a First Class Scout by Cedar Badge time (boys only).
  3. Provide and wear a full Scout uniform (field uniform) including pants and socks.
  4. Have a prior week long or other camping experience.  Cedar Badge is not for first time campers. 
  5. Provide a completed Health and Medical Form.
  6. Be recommended by their unit leader. 










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