Eclipse EXPO
Eclipse EXPO

Eclipse EXPO
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688 N 4200 E
Rigby, ID 83442, US
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Program Events Monday ONLY - $10 per person (Eclipse EXPO) during the eclipse events on Monday (ages 5 and under are free)

EXPO will commence at 9:00 AM and to till 3:00 PM.

Contact 10:15:31 am:  Moon begins to eclipse the sun. Wear glasses to view the eclipse. If you look at the shadows of the leaves from trees on the ground, you will see multiple images of the eclipse projected. The sky darkens in the last 2 to 3 minutes before totality. The temperature will drop drastically. Animals will think the sun is setting:  birds will roost and insects will chirp. Just before totality, look west and you’ll see a huge curtain of darkness coming towards you. As the last sliver of sun is eclipsed you will see the “diamond ring”.  

2nd Contact 11:33:05 am:  Eclipse totality begins.  Remove glasses to view the eclipse. The red of the sun, the chromosphere becomes visible for a moment. The corona pops out as the sliver of sun vanishes.  An orange sunset glow will surround the moon.  Stars and planets will be visible. Eclipse totality will have 90% umbral depth (You will see the total eclipse for 90% of the time you would see it if you were directly on the path).

3rd Contact 11:35:22 am:  Eclipse totality ends.  Wear glasses to view the eclipse. 

4th Contact 12:58:15 pm:  Eclipse ends.


Eclipse EXPO Monday Events include:

  • Astronomy instruction from REAL astronomers
  • Telescope viewing
  • Education on the Eclipse
  • Making eclipse viewing tools
  • Games and Activities
  • Sports activities
  • Earning the National Eclipse Patch




$10.00 per Participant
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There are no refunds for this event.










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