Little Lemhi High Adventure

Little Lemhi offers a Create-your-own-Adventure style of program. Possible activities include canoeing the Snake River, hiking the Lower Palisades Creek Trail, shooting, campfire program, team building activities, whitewater rafting, and more.

A highlight of the High Adventure experience at Camp Little Lemhi is its unique location. Little Lemhi is nestled in the valley right along the Snake River. Therefore, as part of our program your unit will have the opportunity to have a recreational paddling experience on a natural waterway. Camp Little Lemhi is also within close range of the Lower Palisades Creek Trail, a hiking experience that will give your unit the opportunity to bond together in the natural surroundings of this area, which include streams, falls, and the Lower Palisades Lake.

So, why else should you choose Lemhi?

Our unique location allows participants to have a high adventure experience that cannot be replicated because of the natural benefits of the Snake River and Lower Palisades. Camp Little Lemhi prides themselves in their top notch staff who are trained and ready to make your units high adventure experience unforgettable. Our high adventure program is designed to allow your unit to create your own adventure suiting the needs and interests of each member of your unit.

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