On The Scouting Trail:
Clarke Farrer 10-29-2020

Dear GTC Scouting Leaders,

The past few weeks saw some good Scouting activity.

All five of our new districts are officially named now:

  • Diamond Peak District in the west
  • North Star District around Idaho Falls and north
  • Headwaters District surrounding the Teton Range in the east
  • Scout Mountain District in Pocatello and south
  • Twin Buttes District in the center part of the Council

We recently had a very successful Order of the Arrow Fellowship at Scout Hollow with 14 Ordeal candidates and 6 Brotherhood candidates.

Two district camporees took place recently in North Star and Twin Buttes Districts. Much appreciation to those who made them happen!

We had our quarterly Board meeting and our Council Program Meeting in the past few weeks. Both had good attendance and discussions.

Last Saturday was the annual Scouting for Food drive and we collected over 200-pounds of food for local food banks. Scouting for Food is a perfect Scouting activity. It helps provide food for hungry people while allowing Scouts the opportunity to “do a good turn” and “help other people at all times.”

The BSA’s bankruptcy continues to be a distraction. Remember, it is the BSA National Council that is in reorganization bankruptcy, not the Grand Teton Council. All parties concerned are working together to develop a Victim’s Trust Fund to compensate victims of abuse in Scouting. Note: 95% of the claims date from the 1980s and earlier.

Our professional and commissioner staff members are reaching out to each of our units. You will be hearing from them soon, if you haven’t already. In the meantime, please let me know if there is anything we can do for you. Thank you for all you do to serve youth through Scouting!

I’ll see you on the Scouting Trail,

Clarke Farrer I Scout Executive/CEO











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