On The Scouting Trail: The past few weeks saw some good Scouting Activity 
Clarke Farrer 03-01-2020

Dear GTC Scouting Leaders,

Grand Teton Council Scouts Earned a Total of 1,808 Merit Badges During 2020

Sadly, due to the Covid pandemic, we weren’t able to run any of our camps during 2020. This caused an interesting shift in the top merit badges earned by Scouts in the Grand Teton Council. Eagle required merit badges are always high on the most earned list, but normally the easier “camp merit badges” such as basketry, leather working, and woodcarving top the list. This year the most earned merit badges with their respective number earned, were: Camping 82, Personal Management 78, Family Life 75, Emergency Preparedness 65, Personal Fitness 65, Swimming 62, Communications 61, and Cooking 54.

Reflect for a minute on the impact, short-term and long-term, of the skills learned while earning these badges on the lives of the Scouts who earned them. And the impact on their families.

I’m proud to be part of an organization that helps kids to Be Prepared For Life.

I believe and hope we will be back to Scouts earning fun merit badges like basketry, leather working, and woodcarving this summer. But more importantly, we will continue to see Scouts learning skills that will make a positive difference throughout their lives.

I’ll see you on the Scouting Trail,

Clarke Farrer I Scout Executive/CEO











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